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Warehouse owners are usually concerned about two main security risks.
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Warehouse owners are usually concerned about two main security risks. These security risks are Vandalism and theft. A warehouse is designed for ease of access and loading and unloading of materials creating a security issue. Vandalism and theft are two of the major security risks to storage and distribution facilities because of their remote location.

When deciding on the appropriate warehouse security service for warehouses or storage facility, you should consider our security services which include Warehouse Security Guards, Warehouse Surveillance Cameras and Warehouse CCTV If you need peace of mind or simply consider protecting warehouse property or consider protecting warehouse equipment. XL Plus Security Guards is the answer.

XL Plus provides security guard officers or many other warehouse security Guard services that may deter theft and vandalism by implementing effective security measures and warehouse security services with our outstanding security guard services.

Our value Customized Security Solutions (CSS) to your following business needs

  • – Armed and unarmed security personnel
  • – Mobile patrol services
  • – Access control and CCTV monitoring
  • – Keeping watch on equipment movement, watching through SAP maintenance
  • – Any logistic of Material inspected In-Out monitored vide Single App
  • – Daily activities logs monitoring
  • – For handling unexpected circumstances, our guards are present 24/7.
  • – Inspect any suspicious individuals
  • – Fire hazard monitoring


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