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XL Plus Security is one of the leading Security Services providers in India. We have a team of professionally well trained and managed manpower with all the most recent and propelled security instruments. Our services mainly incorporate Security Guards, Bouncers, Industrial Security Services, Female Security Guards, etc. We also provide security to numerous small and multinational sectors, open and private firms, ATM, Industries, and Banks.

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Why Choose Us

Technical Security Surveys

Technical Security Survey Designs are a valuable asset when it comes to making the final decision on your chosen CCTV option.

Best CCTV’s System Network

CCTV networks are commonly used to detect and deter criminal activities, and record traffic infractions, but they have other uses.

Mobile Surveillance of Vehicles

Mobile Surveillance Vehicle (MSV) developed for India's Security Forces, which is capable of monitoring infiltration on the Country's borders.

What We Offer?

Reliable and Trustworthy Security Service!


Risk assessment is a term used to describe the overall process or method where you: Identify hazards and risk factors that have the potential to cause harm.


Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) is a system in which all elements – from the cameras to the recording devices – are directly connected in order to keep the video from being broadcast over public airwaves.


Web security is also known as “Cybersecurity”. It basically means protecting a website or web application by detecting, preventing and responding to cyber threats.


Escortmonitors actions of Local Nationals and Third Country Nationals (LN/TCNs) within area of responsibility.


Our guards are highly trained to perform and protect number of general security duties, include: patrolling, civilian law enforcement, emergency response and more.


Remote guarding is a proactive security system combining CCTV video cameras, video analytics, alarms, monitoring centers and security agents.


Our training experts provide training & briefing on the basic role and responsibility of the security personnel. Our security personnel takes note of the duty and responsibilities of industrial & commercial segments. XL Plus Security place’s the highest emphasis on key areas: training, operational management, personal aptitude, professional skills, recruitment, motivation and administration support.

We are Efficient & Cost Effective Company that Secure your Surroundings!

More than 17 years in industry gives us the power to perform every day and every time.

XL Plus training department repeatedly works on the improvements and the changes of our government and industry rules and regulations. Our training keeps our Security officers abreast of the changes in the industry standards par with technology growth that enforce compliance with the regulations of security guarding industry.

our story

Inspired by highly professional and perfectionist founders who have unique distinction of representing Tamil Nadu police in highly credible Scotland Yard police. Our story has been inclusive of all facets of people and ensuring high quality service is provided at the right cost.

our experience

We have covered length and breadth of Security services and have proven record in ensuring high class security and facility management services are provided.

Your Questions Answered

There are a variety of factors that go into the cost of service. For example, the number of hours, location, specific duty requirements and other contributions as well. We would be happy to meet with you and discuss what your specific needs are.

We conduct an extensive internal investigation including prior employment and personal references. We perform a nationwide database search into each applicant’s criminal background. Security personnel undergo criminal history checks and gets only upon clean chit provided by Police records they onboarded in our esteemed organization.

Yes. We offer a traditional police style uniform, with company patch and our badge. In addition we can offer a softer/concierge style uniform consisting of a blazer and tie. Our Executive Protection services are provided by plain-clothes officers.

Our training program consists of classroom training that covers state laws and general security procedures. In addition, all security personnel receive specific on-site training for each individual client. All security officers are properly trained before starting their assignment.

The security guard checks in and off duty using an automated software system, that verifies the officer’s location and keeps a record of when the officer is on duty. XL Plus Services has supervisors out in the field that routinely monitor the performance of all team members. Through their supervision, training and inspection our clients are assured of high quality service.

Depending on management needs, daily security reports can be provided for each shift. Incident reports will be provided if some of sort of security violation occurs. This would consist of any criminal activity, any property loss or damage, any falls or injuries occurring on the property. Electronic reporting can be provided to clients.

Are you looking for a Smart & Exective Protection?


We believe in serving you by providing affordable, smart and executive class security with the help of our well-trained professionals!

We work 24 hours a day to create peace on mind for our clients. Call us at 044-43144555.

We have Awesome Skills

Expertise in every security and facility management function

We have experienced, talented individuals with brilliant team work and trained them to skill perform services: Facility Management, Venue Security, Aviation Support, Patrol Bodyguard Close Protection and Special Security.

Our Clients

Why Customers Value XL Plus Services?

We go the extra mile!


“XL Plus Services is just that, “XL” the excellent (first rate).  In fact, our XL Plus Security Guard not only provides exemplary security protection for large, bustling hospital, but also received Customer Service Excellence Awards. 


We challenge to enquire with any of our clients about our service! Delighting our clients with our works gives us job satisfaction! Our clients are our marketers. 


XL PLUS is extremely reliable and cost effective when it comes to protecting financial institution from harm. XLP safeguards multiple banks with top notch security protocols.

What our client says?

I wanted to complement our Security staff for a job well done. There are always two security guards holding the doors for us as we leave at the end of each workday. Yesterday, one guard noticed a man coming across the parking lot towards the building and asked the other security guard to watch him as I went to my car, which was parked on the row by the street. As soon as the man coming across the lot saw the security guard coming towards him, he turned around and left the parking lot. The security guard stayed right there until I got in my car and drove off the lot. Although the incident may have been nothing, these two security guards were very observant and made me feel very safe.

Our company has used XL Plus Security Guard for many years. The guards are professional and courteous. I would recommend them to anyone needing security service.

Our company has been doing business with XL Plus for over 15 years. They have been extremely accommodating and professional at all times. We don’t know what we would do without their services. I would be happy to give them a recommendation any time!

I am pleased with the performance of the XL Plus Services staff assigned to our facilities. The management responds quickly to questions and needs. I would definitely recommend XLP to others.

XL Plus Services is just that, “XL” the excellent (first rate). In fact, our XL Plus Security Guard not only provides exemplary security protection for our large, bustling hospital, but also received one of our Customer Service Excellence Awards. We highly recommend XL Plus Services for your business security needs.”

XL Plus Services, has been a wonderful partner with our organization. We are an organization serving the homeless and disadvantaged. Our security needs are significant and varied depending on those individuals seeking assistance. The security professional we have ensures the safety of our staff and clients. We are very appreciative of XLP’s assessment of our needs and their commitment to excellence through their service to us.

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