School Security

Safe and nurturing environments are the necessary foundation for education.
School Security

Safe and nurturing environments are the necessary foundation for education. Unfortunately, security breaches at Schools in India have educators concentrating not on teaching, but on how to make their environment safer. XL Plus Security Service understand the unique challenges faced by schools, universities, and educational institutions. We specialize in providing innovative security solutions that secure public and private buildings, improve overall safety, and protect students, educators, and the general public.

People attend school for a good education, which should in turn lead to a more successful professional career. With all of the pressure and stress that school brings, people don’t need added stress from having to worry about their personal safety while on school grounds. This is where we step in and ensure that schools remain an academic area free from unwanted dangers. XL Plus Security guards are always on the watch, monitoring school entrances, lobbies, offices, playgrounds, parking lots, etc.

A routine assessment of vulnerabilities should be part of any responsible administrative program. Some issues routinely overlooked can leave a School vulnerable to violence, theft, damage and major lawsuits. XL Plus team for School Security experts to the services can conduct a complete assessment of your institution’s situation and needs, to include:

Nursery & Daycare

Child safety is top-priority. Childcare centers need security solutions that solve real-life challenges through our well trained security personnel, including preventing unauthorized access, and precaution measures taken to prevent kidnapping, child abuse etc., and improving facility for safety and providing protection to the innocents.

XL Plus Surveillance and SAP management access control solutions help resolve these challenges by securing entry and exit points, and by providing continuous monitoring around-the-clock, along with video-based evidence should an incident occur.

  • – Security Policies
  • – Security Systems (SAP Access Control, Alarms and CCTV)
  • – Escalation Policies and Intervention Procedure
  • – Employee Background Screenings.


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