Mall Security

A shopping mall is one of the most crowded hubs where people in large numbers visit on a daily basis for various reasons.
Mall Security

A shopping mall is one of the most crowded hubs where people in large numbers visit on a daily basis for various reasons. Shopping malls have various top brand outlets, food court, Indoor kids’ amusement, movie theaters, hotels, parking areas, restrooms etc. that could be exposed to several criminal activities like theft and vandalism without proper security systems and guards. It is important to ensure the safety of the valuables in the mall stores as well as the workers and daily visitors. There are many different types of security systems that can provide security to the regular flow of inventory, money, and people.

Video Surveillance

It is important to monitor and record the activities happening in all the parts of the shopping mall to avoid any criminal activity, mishap, or medical emergency. XL Plus monitors through close circuited (CCTV), bullet, and dome shaped cameras and with a wide variety. These cameras cover various angles and are connected to a monitor room with our SAP based monitoring system. Staff can keep an eye on the overall happenings. This can help monitor potential criminal activities and identify the criminals.

Our Security guards at different places of the shopping mall not only provide security but also keep an eye on any kind of suspicious activities. There are essentially two types of security guards – static, who are the traditional security guards, and the mobile patrolling security guards, who keep patrolling in the different shady parts of the mall. XL Plus provide help to the visitors and restrict unwanted entry if necessary.

XL Plus Provides Fire and Healthcare Safety

A shopping mall is a public place that is always at the risk of catching fire. A fire outbreak can result in an enormous amount of loss to the goods and lives. A fire safety system with adequate fire extinguishers and fire watch security guards is necessary for maintaining safety and security in Shopping Malls. Also, it is important to have First-Aid Security Guard in the mall premise to handle medical emergency.

Mall Event Security

Several promotional events happen in the Shopping Mall premises like in the main center area, Parking area, or other spacious parts of the mall. Like any other outdoor or indoor event, special security is essential even during such mall events and activities. XL Plus event security guards take care of the overall crowd and venue premises safety.

These types of security systems and services deter crime and prevent criminal activities. We also keep a check on employee and visitor activities and increase customer security in shopping malls.

Mall security is a top concern, and XL Plus Security provides solution to solve the problem with single SAP digitize system.



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