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Health institutions in India are busy places that need to be secured.
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Health institutions in India are busy places that need to be secured. A proper security system is needed to ensure smooth functioning at the premises. Having guards is not enough. Other safety measures like alarms, security cameras and more are also needed.

As healthcare institutions are always crowded, there are chances of theft, traffic due to lack of parking space, arguments, noisy scenes and many other issues that are to be tackled. One needs to have a professional security system to safeguard the entire premises of the hospital without compromising on the comfort of the patients. Here is the guide XL Plus Security Guard presents the importance of security system in hospitals.

Preventing Theft, Abduction and Other Crimes

Healthcare institutions are easily accessible to petty theft, child abductions, and other crimes. These institutions have an ongoing process of various people walking in and out of the premises. It is difficult to identify an intruder who has come for wrong reasons. This increases the risk of various crimes.

A proper security system helps to ensure that these kinds of problems are prevented. For this, a professional and strong security system is needed.

Maintaining Orderly Conduct

There are a lot of people coming to get themselves treated at healthcare institutions. Not only does this make crowd management difficult but it also increases parking problems on the premises. XL Plus handles the crowd and traffic problems through customized SAP based single digital system, helps in maintaining peace and harmony of the premises. Also, any arguments, fights, and disputes are handled easily with a well-trained security system.

Monitoring 24/7

Installing security cameras help you monitor each and every corner of the premises and catch hold of any mishap. Monitoring each and every vehicle through our single app. customized SAP system.  Also, these videos are recorded which may work as proof in some situations.

Tracking the Visitors

There are many patients in a healthcare institute. Along with them, there are family members and visitors who come to meet them. There is always a risk of someone unknown entering the building saying that they are a relative of the patient. Ensuring who enters and at what time is very crucial. Hence, installing tracking systems becomes very important.

XL Plus Unique SAP based Healthcare Security Services

The safety of patients is the topmost priority for hospitals, clinics, assisted living centers and nursing homes. Similarly, the safety of the staff, facilities, patients, and visitors of various healthcare organizations is our priority. There are times when organizations seek assistance from other business providers to ensure they get the best results. XL Plus healthcare security services are exclusively SAP digitally designed to protect healthcare facilities effectively.

Many hospitals and clinics report that maintaining security inside and outside their premises has become challenging. There are about more than a dozen of reasons why maintaining complete security has become difficult. And as a result, being unable to successfully handle security concerns can hinder your facility’s reputation. To manage all that goes into running a safe healthcare organization, special security services are essential.

Carefully trained and selected security guards are vital for securing health care operations. Our security guards are thoroughly trained to physically and mentally adapt to challenging and rapidly-changing healthcare environments. They are responsive and have expertise in handling the unique security challenges of the healthcare industry. They are also trained to protect not only the staff and clinical facilities, but also the patients and visitors.

XL Plus healthcare security services include

  • – Emergency security services
  • – Crisis management
  • – Crowd management in emergency situations through our unique SAP
  • – Facility threat and risk management
  • – Mobile patrol security guards and mobile surveillance trailers
  • – Emergency planning
  • – Alarm response
  • – Fire watch security guard service
  • – First aid and CPR security guard service
  • – Specialized tactical teams

We, XL Plus Security Guards closely work with our clients and outline a plan to understand their requirements and accordingly provide our security services. Get in touch with us to create a plan of action for your requirement.



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