Industrial Cleaning

Many companies have insufficient cleaning requirements to install and operate their own cleaning equipment.
Industrial Cleaning

Many companies have insufficient cleaning requirements to install and operate their own cleaning equipment and hire knowledgeable industry cleaning staff. And so they choose for strategic reasons to outsource their cleaning requirements. XL Plus offers expertise, support and offers a full range of cleaning services under industrial cleaning, some of which are

Tank Cleaning

XL Plus has the experience and the versatility to handle the simplest of cleaning tasks to the most complex industrial tank cleaning jobs. Our industrial housekeeping services can help you reduce your disposal costs and get your tank back into operation quicker.

Vacuuming Services

XL Plus Facility Management has the expertise and equipment to collect your wet or dry material. Highly trained operators and a modern, versatile fleet of mobile vacuum units enable us to achieve the maximum level of efficiency – saving you time whilst also reducing your costs.

Equipment Cleaning

Machines that are in operation for over 24 hours require regular cleaning to prevent rust and have a longer life. XL Plus industrial cleaning helps in maintaining your plant and process systems in top operating condition which is critical to operating at maximum efficiency and controlling your operational costs.

Additional Industrial Cleaning Services

These include heavy dust removal in power stations, cement works, new-build hand over cleans and factory cleaning. High performance vacuum equipment is used for the safe collection, removal and recycling or disposal of waste materials. XL Plus Industrial cleaning services assure you:

  • – No damage or distortion of your plant or its components
  • – Excellent cleaning of body skids, belts etc.
  • – Cleaning will be done in an environmentally-friendly process
  • – Fast cleaning services
  • – Improved quality of your end-product with less reject parts

Lastly but importantly, our cleaners are all trained in the relevant Health & Safety measures dependent on the nature of their work. Arrangements are provided for health and safety induction training and for the maintaining of Health & Safety training records.



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