Background Verification

A Pinch of Protection is always better than a pound of Cure.

A Pinch of Protection is always better than a pound of Cure.


Similarly, Background Verification plays the most vital role of safeguarding your organization’s safety and reputation.


Background Checks Work to Improve Trust and Safety.


The purpose of background checks is to provide helpful information about a person’s history to assess whether they may pose a threat to others or is generally trustworthy – or not.


And while a person’s past actions do not necessarily predict their future actions, background checks are increasingly common and are meant to help create more trust and safety in society and the workplace.


If you’re looking for employment screening, find out how XL Plus background check services are simply better.


XL Plus facility management is Background Screening / Verification and HR risk Management Company specialized in providing wide range of professional SAP based digital app. services from pre-employment to post-employment verifications catering to the fast growing IT, ITES companies and other industries in India & abroad.


XL Plus, is the one of a leading background Screening Company, delivers higher returns to clients through its cost-effective, high-value services model thus making the following Background Screening and Employment Verification process done by using our digitalized SAP system:

  • Educational Checks

  • Employment Checks
  • Address verification
  • Court records checks
  • Police record verification
  • Claims verification
  • Drug screening Tests
  • Matrimonial verifications
  • Housekeeping staff verification
  • Tenant Verification
  • Vendor’s screening
  • HR Process Audit
  • Personal verification
  • Political verification
  • Financial verification
  • Tender verification
  • Project verification
  • Property verification
  • On-shore / Off-shore verification
  • Legal documents verification
  • Intellectual property verification
  • Goods In-transit verification
  • Online fraud cyber verification

XL Plus provides faster, more accurate and detailed reports along with benefits like:

  • Identity Authentication through any National ID
  • Proprietary criminal database with advanced algorithms for intelligent searches
  • Accurate, quality background checks with detailed reporting
  • Data security compliant with global standards
  • Discreet and confidential process to handle sensitive information
  • A comprehensive Employee Background Verification solution for companies of all sizes and shapes

Now hiring candidates with personal and professional credibility is easy with XL Plus

The solution eliminates the risk of hiring candidates with fraudulent background and inducts candidates with personal and professional credibility. Employee Background Verification also ensures a productive, ethical and safer work environment, thereby reducing employee turnover. All organizations, irrespective of the area of operation, should conduct background checks for their employees to minimize the risks of deceit and frauds and to safeguard themselves against monetary and reputational losses.

We have a systematic approach and practice to carry out the address verification with detailed document verification including driving license, work permit, Identity proof, Address proof, personal identification, passport and other legal Govt. related documents etc.



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