Airport Cleaning Services

XL Plus ensures the best in class for Airport cleaning & Maintenance Services.
Airport Cleaning Services

XL Plus ensures the best in class for Airport cleaning & Maintenance Services.  Protect the integrity of your brand by verifying the hygiene, safety and quality practices at your facilities.

A sparkling clean airport is a competitive advantage. From Terminal gates to Food courts and ticket counters, passengers expect a comfortable, well-kept facility. Keeping up with massive numbers of travelers can challenge those expectations. XL Plus Facility management solution is the experienced partner you can trust, providing strong and engaged onsite leadership and trained, attentive teams to care for your space with a full range of custom janitorial services and programs… all on your tight timelines.

XL Plus services has another milestone of success through our advanced SAP management digitalized system in the area of aviation support in the Region. We regulate the process with the maximum security reliability and cost effectiveness.

Our aviation support department servers in numerous verticals to ensure the best in class service in the competitive world of business. With our trained professionals are always available at the site to handle the process in person and taking care more than an agent does.

A clean and safe journey is our promise and our primary target that we corroborate our clients and our passengers. Our staffs are well trained to carry out the entire process through our SAP based digitalized system.  As a result we handle various services like;

  • – Terminal cleaning
  • – Airport lounge cleaning
  • – High level internal and external cleaning
  • – Air sterilization for washrooms
  • – Food courts, Kerbs and Forecourt cleaning
  • – Feminine hygiene and nappy disposal
  • – Sharps / bio-hazards management and disposal
  • – Cleaning of Passenger and cargo Departure and arrival

Cleaning of High-raised Airport Building

  • – Various techniques ranging from very simple to the highly sophisticated, are combined to provide a reach of 360 deg.
  • – Walls & Ceilings
  • – Roof & Canopies
  • – Modern & Traditional patterned surfaces

Service Quality

Airport Cleanliness report identified washroom and terminal cleanliness as the two most essential infrastructure factors that impact overall passenger satisfaction. Bathroom cleanliness is a big driver of satisfaction at airports, and XL Plus understands the passengers / visitor’s expectation about pleasant clean atmosphere to experience, clean bathrooms are a must.

XL Plus knows that paying attention to the restroom stalls is a top priority.  All restrooms have a full-time attendant keeping everything clean, the vanity tops dry, and paper and soap well stocked. Yet each staff member also elevates service beyond cleanliness.  We train attendants in customer engagement and anticipating needs. Whether it’s pointing a guest to an available stall or helping out the elderly or those with mobility challenges.



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