Aircraft Cleaning System

Aircraft cleaning services is essential & routine part of Aviation Cleaning system, where XL Plus trained professionals .
Aircraft Cleaning System

Aircraft cleaning services is essential & routine part of Aviation Cleaning system, where XL Plus trained professionals land up to handle the process in person and taking care more than an agent.  We take responsible for routine cleaning immediately after a flight or during a night stop. Although routine cleaning usually includes the use of disinfectants, as components of general-purpose aircraft cleaners, their routine application differs from that of an aircraft that needs disinfection after transporting a suspected case of communicable disease, for which separate guidance is provided.

Cleaning and disinfection schedule

The aircraft operator’s engineering department shall grant technical approval for each type of cleaning product used. Approved cleaning products are usually listed in the aircraft maintenance manual. Alternative cleaning products must be approved by the operator’s engineering department prior to use.


Should aircraft contamination be noticed (insects, liquids, etc.), inform the airline station manager. If an infective source is suspected, the source of infection (e.g. passenger) should be contained in order to minimize the risk of infection to others.

Interior Cleaning

There are different types of interior cleaning, depending on time available; the following schedule is only an example, which may have to be adjusted to more specific operations. For operations having short flights, minimum service and short turnaround time, the requirement for cleaning between sectors is limited to very few of the procedures mentioned below:

  • – Empty waste boxes and ashtrays
  • – Clean stowage areas and racks
  • – Wipe seats
  • – Clean floor / Vacuum carpet
  • – Clean flight deck windows inside
  • – Clean door and walls
  • – Dispose of waste from closets
  • – Dispose of litter and newspapers
  • – Dispose of waste in seat pockets
  • – Clean tray tables and armrests
  • – Clean cabin windows inside
  • – Vacuum Cloth-covered seats / Carpets
  • – Wipe passenger and cabin crew leather-covered seats
  • – Dispose of waste in overhead bins and wipe
  • – Clean PVC floors
  • – Collect and replace headrest covers
  • – Remove passenger seat cushions and vacuum
  • – Remove stains from Seats / Carpets
  • – Clean seat rails, cabin fixtures, air inlets, ceiling, sidewalls, closets, doors, service panels and magazine racks
  • – Clean doors, latches, ceiling, ventilation grids
  • – Clean sinks, faucets and working surfaces

If time does not permit completion of all of the above tasks, priority should be given to the removal of waste and cleaning where indicated, especially of galleys and toilets. To expedite cleaning procedures and to reduce the amount of equipment required, disposable swabs impregnated with effective and appropriate cleaning agents can be purchased or prepared in advance, stored in polyethylene bags and used for all wiping operations.



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